Commercial Services

Does your business property need a facelift? Could it use a bit of brightness and more color? For your commercial property, Prime Finish Painting offers competitive painting and decorating services designed to get your company noticed. Freshen up both the inside and the outside to present the image you desire.



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Residential Services

Prime Finish Painting provides trustworthy consultation services that utilise and expand on your ideas. Using our extensive experience, as well as the wide selection of products and materials that are available to us, we can craft a package that addresses your concerns and needs for your home, both for the short term and the long term. It is our goal to make your home stand out today, and, through the use of the appropriate materials, products and methods, to maximise the results for a long period of time.


Exterior Services

Like your home, the outside of your commercial property needs to be properly maintained. In addition to providing a pleasing facade to present to your potential customers, it's equally important to keep up with the maintenance of your building by coating exterior surfaces and painting or staining on a regular basis.  This will help to reduce the negative effects that are possible due to exposure to the elements. Completing this yourself would take a great deal of time which would take away from the running of your business. It could also be a dangerous task for someone who does not have the needed equipment or experience. We can provide all the necessary tools and products in order to renovate and paint the areas of your home and business.

Interior Services

Making the outside of your property professional and aesthetically pleasing is only the first step to a successful renovation.  Inside your business, Prime Finish Painting can assist you in creating an environment that is welcoming and reflective of your organizational vision. We understand that different industries have various health and safety regulations in place, and we're sensitive to these requirements by ensuring that all materials and methods are safe and beneficial to your workplace.

If you are searching for a fully insured and accredited painter and decorator in the Michiana area, then get in touch today for a free quotation. Prime Finish Painting offers a one stop shop for all of your painting projects, and provides a quality professional painting service.

We fully manage painting work, including:

Working within all of your production schedules and varying working hours. Our experienced team has worked on many Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Office Buildings, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Catering Facilities, Shopping Malls, Public Buildings, Fitness Centers, Fire Stations, Warehouses, Churches, Retirement Villages, Apartment Buildings, Monuments, Bridges, Towers, Farm & Rural Buildings, Food Processing & Food Manufacturing, Machine Shops, Manufacturing & Engineering Plants, Laboratories, Showrooms, Banks, Airports, Education Facilities, Hospitals, Refueling Stations, and Transportation Stations with premium paints and coatings, Alkyd, DTM, Microbial paints, Marine Coatings, Elastomeric, Urethane, and Epoxy Flooring Systems .  We can keep you updated with regular progress reports, or you can choose to simply hear from us when the job is done. Our team is happy to provide a free quote and site evaluation for your project.

Our company strives to provide the highest quality paint job and fulfill all residential, industrial and commercial painting needs, while offering rates that are competitive and affordable. Our high-quality products and proper application methods allow us to deliver a superior final product. 


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Residential Painting Job South Bend Indiana


Prime Finish Painting, LLC has been well established for more than 15 years in the Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan area as a Commercial, Residential, Industrial Painting and Specialty Coating company.  We are well known for being a reliable painting contractor with quick response time, and are extremely qualified to give you warrantied workmanship at a very competitive price. 

Prime Finish Painting, LLC is fully insured and background checked to protect our clients.  We have an impressive list of repeat customers, client referrals, County and Federal contracts.  We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the professional services that we offer.  We utilize the most innovative tools to minimize disruption to the environment and attain quality results.  Each project is closely monitored by the owner, beginning with the color choice to the last stroke of the brush.  Prime Finish Painting, LLC takes pride in offering "one client at a time" service.

Residential Painting Job South Bend Indiana
Commercial Painting Jobsite South Bend Indiana
Commercial Painting Jobsite South Bend Indiana
Commercial Painting Jobsite South Bend Indiana
Commercial Painting Jobsite South Bend Indiana
Residential Painting Job RV, Recreational Vehicle, South Bend Indiana
Residential Painting Job South Bend Indiana